12th Jul 2020
09:24 (EST)
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News Casino Crush Gambling Paypal, Neteller and Cash Contests & No Deposit Bonuses and Forums
Announcements Poster: Shirlsplay - Date: Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:40 am
SlotoCash CasinoSlotoCash CasinoSlotoCash CasinoSlotoCash CasinoSlotoCash Casino


20 Free Spins Gemtopia Slot for All Players! Coupon: 20GEMS

Valid for new players or players whose last transaction was a Deposit. Free Spins Game: Gemtopia. $180 maximum cashout. $10 max bet may apply. Do not claim two free bonuses in a row. Do not mix free chip cashouts with other winnings from a deposit. Expires July 12th, 2020.

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Announcements Poster: Shirlsplay - Date: Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:34 pm
Miami Club CasinoMiami Club CasinoMiami Club CasinoMiami Club CasinoMiami Club Casino


Tournament details:
Registration open on: 07/10/2020 03:30
Tournament starts on: 07/10/2020 03:30
Tournament ends on: 07/11/2020 03:30
Tournament rebuy: $1.00
Tournament prize pool: $100
Valid for games: Pay Day

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Intertops Red Match bonuses + free spins on Wild Hog Luau
Announcements Poster: anneandalan - Date: Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:20 am
Enjoy summer the Hawaiian way - grab a ukulele, a lei and get ready for a one-of-a-kind beach party in our latest slot Wild Hog Luau at Intertops. Become the life and soul of our Hawaiian festivity on five reels with 8 fixed paylines. Join in the fun and show off your coolest dance moves!

Get your party going with up to 1,000 extra over the course of 3 match-up deals. Take your chance with coupon 1WILDPARTY and play with 75% up to 300 plus 30 spins for Wild Hog Luau.

1. Deposit 75% up to 300 plus 30 spins

2. Deposit 100% up to 200 plus 40 spins

3. Deposit 125% up to 500 plus 50 spins

Intertops Red Casino
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Announcements Poster: crushadmin - Date: Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:10 pm
Dear Crushers,

My sincere apologies - a number of members (just under 400) had their accounts de-activated and banned due to a slight oversight when I was in the process of removing previous posts about 2 casinos that we are no longer affiliated with as they have decided to continue their casinos but without affiliates like our forum.

In order to remove posts mentioning these casinos I used our Anti Spam tool and added these 2 casinos to have all posts automatically removed - however - our anti-spam also checks signatures and so it also wiped out a bunch of signatures and banned/deactivated a number of members.

Sadly, I am unable to restore the signatures - so I ask you to please check yours - OR send me a PM if you'd like me to check / update / refresh it to new banners for our LUU contest.

However, I think all of the accounts that were affected should have been unbanned and re-activated.

If you are still having any problems - please email me at webmaster (AT symbol) with a suitable subject title so I will easily see it.

My apologies for this hitch - hopefully all is good now.

Happy Gaming Always

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Casino Crush - Refer your friends for extra prize cash!
Announcements Poster: crushadmin - Date: Mon May 08, 2017 11:26 pm

Dear Crushers,

We'd love to have some more members to join in with all the many things we have here at Casino Crush Forums and if you bring us some more then you can both be winners wink

Bringing more members has so many extra benefits to you, them and all crushers including more great posts with the info you love to hear about, and the busier we are the more prize money we will have to share wink

To qualify, here are the steps to follow :-

1. Get your friend to sign-up and get them to make a post here -- they must include your member name as it is registered here and something along the lines of "Hi, I'm here as (your crush name) referred me" ....

You can send them this link if they would like to have a look at this topic:-

2. Help them find their way, advising them of which things are good to do, for example getting into the mazes, posting promotional topics, adding our LUU banners, generally taking part in contests and our free bingo chat - whatever you think they will enjoy.

3. Once your friend has made at least 5 promotional type topics and taken part in at least one contest you can PM me to claim a prize for you and your friend!

4. You send me a Private Message with "Referral Claim - (your friends member name as it is here at Casino Crush Forums)" as the subject and that you would like to claim your friend referral prizes ...

I will then go ahead and check what they have been up to and credit the following friend referral prizes:-

We will give you:-

1. $5 (for 500 CCpoints) for your friend / referral having posted at least 5 valid promo type topics and taken part (with at least 1 post) in one of our contests.
2. Plus an extra $2 (for 200 CCpoints) if you bring them along to our Free Bingo Chat once (and tell me whilst we are in bingo that you brought them so I can log it).
3. Plus an extra $3 (for 300 CCpoints) if they qualify in the most recent LUU contest (i.e. the one in the previous month from when your claim). You cannot claim this later so try and get them to take part before you claim wink
4. If they have made at least 10 promotional topics by the time you claim then you get another $5 for 500 CCpoints!

==> Get up to $15 for 1500 CCpoints !!

We will give your friend / referral :-
The same as above for completing each of the steps for you! wink

The above prizes are, of course, ON TOP of any other prizes you and/or your friend/referral win Smile

Terms: (Subject to refinement but only with good reason)
- Only those qualifying with posts that are not subsequently deleted for any reason by admin (only done for good reason - duplication of others or incorrect information)
- You can refer as many friends as you wish, but any 1 crusher can claim for a maximum 5 new qualifying friends/referrals in any one calendar month (you can claim for more later). This maximum may be increased if there is no obvious abuse and most friends stay on to continue participating -- which of course is good for all of us building and enjoying our community and increasing of prizes in the future Smile
- Any suspicion of fraudulent friends (i.e. a member posting as if they are someone else) will not qualify. This includes people posting from the same IP address for any reason.
- You may post this on other forums BUT you *must* comply with their posting terms and conditions and only post in areas where referrals are allowed.
- The earliest date to make a claim on a qualifying friend / referral is 1st June 2017.
- You may only make ONE claim -- so if you wish to maximize your prizes then you may wish to wait until they have completed all the steps as you can not claim for later steps they did not previously complete.

Help CC grow bigger and get winning more at the same time!

Happy Gaming Always!


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Get a Cash Bonus on your birthday! See how to boost!
Announcements Poster: crushadmin - Date: Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:18 pm
Dear Crushers,

Yes, you read right - we are now giving away a CASH BONUS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, and just like many casinos - this will be based on your loyalty / activity over the past year (from your last birthday - as registered in your forum profile) ... wink

This will be valid from any birthdays occurring from the start of this new incentive (1st May 2017) + 1 year -- so can be claimed from 1st May 2018 onwards.

Why a year ahead? This is to ensure fairness for everyone as the bonus is available 1 year from the same point for everyone). It also gives everyone a good chance to increase their participation and see how it will increase their birthday bonus.

The amounts below are now finalized and not expected to be changed at least until a complete year of being available (ie. until 1st May 2019)

The calculation of your bonus will be as follows:-

- New topics created in any of the Bonus forums (including coupons) where you start a new and valid topic about a no deposit / match bonus / special promotion for a gambling site or group in the appropriate forums

----> $0.15 for each Promotional / Bonus topic posted since your last birthday
- this includes the following forums:-

- No Deposit Casino Bonuses,
- New and Existing Depositor Casino Bonuses and Promos
- Casino Coupons Forum - No Deposit (via Add Coupon Codes page)
- The Cheap Freebie Bucket
- Email / Trivia / Survey Bonuses / Accounts to check
- Casino Coupons Forum - Match Deposit (via Add Coupons Codes page)
- Slots Tournaments / Tourneys
- Bingo Bonuses
- Lotteries, Free Lottos and prize draw sites
- Online Skill Games
- Sportsbooks and Sports Betting

---> $0.10 for each topic created in the following forums are included:-

- Lucky Winners (share your winning screenshots and stories)
- Please help shape our forum
- Banter & Bitchin' (General Chat)

- Taking part by replying in contests (valid replies only)
----> $0.02 for every valid reply (post) taking part in any contest
- Posts made in our Contests forum and those that have since been moved to Past Contests and Winners will be included in this calculation.

- Posting your casino and / or slots review (must be unique, genuine and approved to be in the Final review forums)
----> $1.2 per full, unique, genuine, own review that is accepted

- Member Casino Reviews (Final)
- Member Slots Reviews (Final)
- Member Bingo Reviews (Final)

- EXTRA previous years activity bonus!
----> You also get extra (smaller but can build up) bonuses for ALL your topics and posts made before your last birthday! (if applicable) -- as an added loyalty bonus for those that have made us great in the past and make us more so in the future wink wink

EACH BONUS IS ROUNDED *UP* to the nearest full $1

Any cash bonus is ON TOP of any other winnings! So actively taking part in all these activities AT LEAST increases your birthday bonus -- ON TOP OF contest wins!!!

Terms: (subject to refinement)
-- You MUST CLAIM your birthday bonus within 5 days of your birthday (as recorded in your forum profile) -- any claims after 5 days unfortunately will be ignored and you may not claim until your next birthday -- so make a note in your diary wink wink OR if you know you will be absent - you may claim a maximum of 5 days before your birthday --- any claims earlier than 5 days will be deleted and ignored without notice ... so please only do this when there are 5 or less days!

-- You claim by sending a PM (Private Message) to crushadmin with the subject -- BIRTHDAY BONUS CLAIM -- please read above term before doing so - otherwise it may be deleted and ignored without notice!!

-- Only valid posts (those not removed by admin for any reason at their discretion) ... this can include but not exclusive to ... posting invalid coupons / telling others to check accounts continuously / repeating others or your own too soon / etc etc etc

- The calculation will be made on your birthday automatically and will then be subject to manual review by an administrator before any amount is advised or paid.

- This promotion is intended as an incentive to encourage you to participate regularly and is not intended to create competition amongst members.

- You can get an ESTIMATE of what you may receive as a cash bonus based on your past 365 days of activity. If you have been a member for less than that time of course it can only calculate based on what activity has taken place up to the point you joined so you can estimate this by multiplying it up depending on your current membership duration ... i.e. if you've been a member 1 month - multiply by 12, 3 months - multiply by 4, 6 months - double it ... etc etc (more detailed instructions are on the page) ...

- Any estimate is based on your PAST 365 days and of course your bonus calculation on your next birthday will be based on the 365 prior to that date.

- Any such bonus will be added to the Contest Wins pages and paid along with other contest prizes and all standard terms and conditions of contests and payments applies (including minimum amounts and having a valid payment method and enough CCpoints to redeem) ...

- If you are not eligible for any bonus then you will be credited $1 (redeemable for 100 ccpoints) and this will be added to your Contest Wins (you still MUST CLAIM it within 5 days of your birthday as registered within your forum profile!)

- This is NOT a contest. The only purpose of this is to encourage happy regular participation in our many forum activities and contributing information that is useful for other visitors and members. Everyone can earn a good birthday bonus and can only increase with better participation wink


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